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Welcome to the Medical Industry Ltd website

Welcome to Medical Industry Ltd.

Medical Industry Ltd: providers of accredited online courses designed to meet the LSI Register Standards.

We are training providers who offer accredited online courses designed to meet the LSI Register Standards.
We provide a whole suite of courses including training required to meet any of the three tiers needed to gain a LSI National Register ID card. 

Visit our tiers page to learn more about the training you need to take

Following successful completion of training courses taken with us at Medical Industry Ltd, these are automatically uploaded onto the LSI National Credentialing Register and can be viewed once logged into www.miaweb.co.uk (you will need a valid LSI National Credentialing Register photo card and up to date training).
The Life Science Industry allows individuals to the NHS to apply for an ID card which demonstrates that they are qualified to be present within hospital environments.

Please see our FAQs for further information. 

Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm

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From a personal and company level, MIA provides training and checks, plus an easy-to-use app. Other providers require a large amount of personal and historic healthcare information such as tuberculosis, MMR, chicken pox and diphtheria. I sometimes use my MIA badge in other providers’ hospitals and have in the past explained to senior NHS managers that they charge without tangible benefits – most think that they are free of charge! I think it’s time for industry to take a stand.

Barry Emms, Sales Director, TalarMade

Lost your ID card or awaiting a new version?

Lost your ID card or awaiting a new version?

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If you have a valid ID card a copy will be sent to your email address.

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